Trek Gary Fisher Ion Super 2011 - Melbourne CBD

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Trek Gary Fisher Ion Super 2011 - Melbourne CBD

Postby VinceH » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:52 am

I just lost my road bike, a Trek - Gary Fisher Ion Super 2011.
Size 52cm, frame colour grey/black with a little lime green.

It was pinched off along Swanston St RMIT's Commonwealth Bank between 4.00pm to 6.30pm on 19 Jan 2013 with my Kryptonite lock cut off. It was quite early for this to happen, and this street gets busy so I'm just pure unlucky i guess.

Some components attached to the bike:
1. Stock bike - no modification - 52cm
2. Shimano 105 black cleat pedals
3. Front and rear reflectors removed
4. Wheel reflectors attached
5. Cateye cadence and speed sensor and transmittor attached (no computer)
6. One of the pump cap is missing
7. A Topeak handpump attached
8. One grey BBB bottle rack
9. Small scratch on the back fork

Please have a look out for me and if you stumble upon an ad, or friend who knows something please contact me 0430080280. Thanks...

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