Stolen: 2009 Giant Trance X2 - Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

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Stolen: 2009 Giant Trance X2 - Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Postby JamesM18 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:17 am

I know this a longshot but I had a bike stolen from the basement in my apartment complex in Kangaroo Point near the Storey Bridge Hotel. I was away this past weekend and haven't checked my bike in the past week so anytime from then it may have been missing. I'm hoping my apt complex can provide CCTV footage.

It is a White/Silver mountain bike with a noticeable red sticker on the top beam of the frame with 'R & R Sport' written on it and another sticker with the name 'Jeremy' written on it (shop staff member who built it) on the vertical beam below the seatpost. Other than those 2 defining items, it is stock. Serial Number: GL886349

Looks almost identical to this: ... Silver.jpg

If ANYONE has ANY info it would highly appreciated and a decent cash reward offered.

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