STOLEN: 2000 Bianchi Metropoli Due - Campsie, Sydney

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STOLEN: 2000 Bianchi Metropoli Due - Campsie, Sydney

Postby Nevann » Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:19 pm

This is my first bicycle, so I'm not exactly at the best of places right now. I've been riding consistently for three months now, but the night before I got lazy and left my bike in my front porch unlocked.

Size M, Men's Bianchi is very distinct - it has a sleek matte black coating on the frame and is a Hybrid Bike. I don't think I have seen any other bike in Sydney like that. Handlebar is not your standard road bike: Tec "no logo" - HB-rB11 (think thick ergonomic grips)
Due to an early crash there is visible scarring on the front forks of the bike. It goes from the side up to the logo and makes this a very distinct feature. You can't miss that - it stands out garishly from the matte paint.

Out of all times and places, I got it snatched yesterday (11th March) from my own home veranda in Campsie. I left it unlocked (stupid me) for a day, and when I came back from a work function at 11PM, I found it missing.

For those who cycle around the bankstown area, I guess if the new owner decide to stomp around there, it should be quite visible to spot.

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