STOLEN 23 April 2014 Cervelo R3 2009

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STOLEN 23 April 2014 Cervelo R3 2009

Postby SteveG021 » Thu May 01, 2014 8:25 pm

Stolen from Gardiners Creek Bike Path near Sinclair Ave Glen Iris on 24 April 2014 around 10:45am
A White Cervelo R3 2009 white road Bike mall size.
Taken whilst being loaded into Ambulance after coming off bike.
Description given by Ambulance Officers is that the bike was taken by a grey haired older gentleman.
Details of bike are: -
The serial number is SNR3C08K00073.
It has
Easton Wheels
Specialised Romin Evo Expert Saddle (black)
Dura Ace carbon pedals
It had exposure lights fitted the small ones front and rear.
A Garmin Edge 500 mounted on front stem
A specialised water bottle (with wide drink opening)
And a Giant water bottle
Wires were crossed on front of angled downtube (so they wouldn’t rub on the paintwork)
Compact Dura Ace cranks fitted (January 2014) 50x34 with 11/28 rear cassette.
Electrical tape on right side of bars bar tape was slightly adrift.
Has remnants of SBR stickers on bike as it was purchased from Swim Bike Run
Tioga saddle bag with 2 tubes and 3 yellow tyre levers in zip lock backs plus a couple of chain links.

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Re: STOLEN 23 April 2014 Cervelo R3 2009

Postby Dirty32 » Fri May 02, 2014 12:54 pm

Perhaps I am too trusting, but you'd like to think that it hasnt been "stolen" per se!
Again, hopefully I am not been too kind or generalising, but it doesnt tend to be older and greying people stealing things from the scene of an accident.

I am a regular on a Motorbiking forum and quite regularly, other members will remove a motorbike (for safe keeping and until it can be collected by the owner or a person known to the owner) from the scene of the accident so that it isnt actually stolen, or pillaged for loose parts. They do however post up some details so that anyone that knows of the person involved can organise some communication for collection thereafter.

Hopefully the man lives close by and figuring the bike looking like it was to be left at the scene (the police and authorities will tend to leave it and have no concern with taking it), took it so that no one else could, and is purely looking after it for you until he is contacted... Lets try and give the benefit of the doubt, anyhow. Have a search on the net / gumtree, to see if he has posted anywhere trying to find any details for the owner.

Fingers crossed you find it and or a good samaritan temporarily looking after it!

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Re: STOLEN 23 April 2014 Cervelo R3 2009

Postby SteveG021 » Sat May 03, 2014 6:59 pm

Note bike has now been found. Attempts to contact via internet (Facebook and various forums) were not successful. Hence this post as a somewhat premature last resort.

I was located via my Garmin data. It appears that a message to Ambulance Officers was not passed on to me and the contact with ambulance victoria didn't convey the full message verbally either given re the bike. A paper note was given I believe, however my phone and other papers that this message was with were inadvertently sent to the Hospital Laundry in Warrgul and I therefore only received a broken phone and somewhat melted credit card back form there and other documents were lost.

Thanks for all assistance and support that I know a number of people provided.

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