Stolen: Avanti Blade - Kensington, WA

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Stolen: Avanti Blade - Kensington, WA

Postby BandedRail » Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:40 pm

Posting on behalf of a work colleague. Blue Avanti Blade (sorry, don't know the year) stolen on the 03/05/2014 from the Keiran McNamara Conservation Science Centre (DPaW aka DEC aka CALM) in Technology Park, Kensington. Pretty much the same as when this photo was taken, including the basket but it has also had spokey dokeys added :roll: and the lock is now dark grey and probably still around the top tube (yes, I have chewed their ear about locking their bike up).

The cheeky thief must have decided to "upgrade" as they left this BSO behind:

I wouldn't be surprised if it's also stolen.

Any info would be appreciated or contact Kensington Police.


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