Stolen: Norco (10+yr old) MTB black Brunswick East Vic

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Stolen: Norco (10+yr old) MTB black Brunswick East Vic

Postby watermoon » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:32 am


I am a Brunswick East local who has had a bike stolen from my back yard. I have realised I contacted most of the local places and moving father a field. I'm broke and cant afford another and the bike is really distinctive.

My bike is a;

Black with slight mgreen metalic sheen (like british racing green - ie old mg's) Norco MTB frame (well worn 10ish yr old with no text on it just the badge at the front & the back wheel mount slightly ground out)
Red manitou suspension forks
Single speed with jockey wheel
Wide slightly dipped chrome handle bars with blue Oury grips
Red BMX pedals
Black with white trim Italia (Fem) seat
It was stolen last weekend on the Friday Aug 15th or Saturday 16th nights from our back door in Clarence St Brunswick East.

Please can you pass this on to as many people as possible in the area. It is very distinctive so easy to spot. If anyone finds/sees it and has a bike lock if they can lock it up and call me on 0421 921 923. If you have seen it please call me asap and the police as it has been reported.

Roland Smith :(

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0421 921 923

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Postby tflip » Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:12 am

Seems possible you and I might be victims of the same thieves. See my posting of my Gitane also pinched from my backyard a week or so before yours. Someone in my street reported seeing a flat tray ute idling there during the day but had no real information apart from that so it was not much help to the police. However if they are actually semi pros or pros it would be worth everyone in the area keeping watch for suspicious utes.

I had stupidly not locked my bike up, thinking it was enough to be out of sight was obviously naive, and therefore thought it also could have been a crime of opportunity.

Hope yours turns up or at least you have some windfall that helps you afford a new one.

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