Stolen-Gitane Rocks T4 MTB White/Silver West Brunswick Vic

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Stolen-Gitane Rocks T4 MTB White/Silver West Brunswick Vic

Postby tflip » Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:01 am

This was a 2004 model stolen from my back shed on the one of the few days I didn't ride it to work! Taken 4th August

Quite distinctive features, silvery plastic mudguards, narrow black pack rack. Included adder 5 led front light (silver case with a small orange flash) and smart 5 led rear light. The lights had powertech rechargeable batteries in them.

Also a Dunlop badged sprung wide (ish) saddle seat with a small tear on the right side and two lines of cracking coming across the top. It had prominently badged Zoom suspension forks.

The handlebar stem was not standard for the model, it was swivel adjustable. Handlebars were black.

Had an Enduro 2 trip computer with frayed wire which had been patched with red electrical tape in two places.

It also had a plastic water bottle holder that included a small pump as a side attachment.

The bike is mainly white but has decals in a sort of silver with Gitane written in large black letters. Also has a small Hillman cycles sticker on the body just above the cranks.

It was a great ride while I owned it and even had sentimental value since my late partner gave me the computer as a present.

If you see it let me know, the local police have been told and I will be on to them quick smart. For that matter since it's in the police data base if it fits the above description you can even call them yourself.

Vengeance will be mine!

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