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Stolen - Raleigh 29er (XXIX), Red. Stolen from Cannington Public Library, Cannington, WA

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:55 pm
by maZZiveAttack
My Red Raleigh 29er was stolen from Cannington Public Library, Cannington, Perth, Western Australia.

If you know of any Raleigh 29ers in Perth please contact me. I'd like to ask the owner how they came about said bike.

These bikes a pretty rare.

The cannington public library was being staked out by bike thief because the minute i locked and walked away the thief went to work (the thief was captured on CCD committing the crime). I had used a Giant lock to lock my bike. A totally useless lock, in my opinion.

So if you see this bike around Perth, please get the details of the rider and call police and contact me. Thanks.