STOLEN: SE Racing 2013 Big Ripper

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STOLEN: SE Racing 2013 Big Ripper

Postby cameronhuang » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:44 am

Hey guys,

Had my Big Ripper stolen on Monday (04/09/2017) at Winston Hills Mall. Locked it up with a cable lock through the frame at a bike rack just outside AusPost. Went inside to grab some groceries, came out about 30 minutes later to find the bike lock cut and my Big Ripper gone!

Spoke to the Centre Management and security and they didn't find any CCTV footage of the thief leaving with the bike. Unfortunately there were no cameras pointed at the actual bike racks which sucks. Logged a report with the Police Assistance Line, posted up in some local Facebook groups and also logged the bike stolen on bikevault and national bike register. Feeling SOL at the moment.

Though it is a Big Ripper and I know these bikes aren't too common in Australia so I'm hoping it eventually pops up somewhere and someone recognizes it.

It was a 2013 model - dark blue frame, silver handlebars and bar clamp, gold rims. Had a clear/white left handgrip and an orange right grip. There were two small circular reflectors on the front wheel spokes and two small orange circular reflectors on the rear spokes. It also had two blue rear pegs mounted to the rear axle which are pretty ground up from being dropped. "BIG RIPPER" in big white lettering on both sides of the frame and "Landing gear" on both sides of the front forks.

Will PM a moderator with a pic.


Thanks, hope something pops up.

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