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STOLEN, Malvern Star Tempest BSO, pink, Keysborough vic

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:22 am
by RetroPilot
Just noticed it gone from my carport in Keysborough ,
might have gone any time in last 48 hours as I have been bedbound last two days.
Still in shock after discovering it's theft couple of hours ago, actually.
It is a Malvern Star Tempest ladies-frame 26" bike,
it is pink metallic colour,
it has a black wire shopping basket thing fitted to front handlebars, it has a black plastic crate fitted to back packrack so I can carry shopping on it.
It is probably 15-20 years old, or more, not even worth any money,hard-waste rescue bike originally anyway, but rode well and it suited me I loved the thing, took it everywhere. I actually move on it and like a step-through frame for quick exits/entries without cocking my leg and tipping bike over.
It is actually somewhat crappy looking, but suits me as a ride the way it is set up.Long seat pole to compensate for the bike not really being big enough for me without more leg extension.
Don't have a pic of it, sorry.
Also had my library cards and Woolworths rewards card inside little plastic change-bag front shopping basket so thanks also for that.
Good chance the humanitarian soul who took it will ride it and dump it like an O-Bike anyway, so you may see it dumped.
If so, please do me a solid and call me with the tip so I can recover it.I need a win this week and I'd be grateful for the help getting it back.PM here or call number below.
ph 03 97117548

Re: STOLEN, Malvern Star Tempest BSO, pink, Keysborough vic

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:27 am
by RetroPilot
same model as this, except mine had upgraded kevlar tyres and front/back carry accessories on it as described above