Spezialised hardrock issues

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Spezialised hardrock issues

Postby shiloh26 » Wed Mar 12, 2008 12:10 pm

Bought a Spezialised Hardrock mountain bike for my son in july 2007 (came with 12 months warranty). After 4 weeks the back derailluer came off into the spokes - took it to the shop we purchased it from and after fixing it they said it's impossible for that to happen so therefore not fixed under warranty. Last month took it in again to have a service and they said the crank is bent - would cost over $300 to fix it and again...not under warranty - declaring misuse. Shop is being really belligerent and unhelpful. GGRRRRRR! Coincidently another kid we know with the same bike has had similar issues with his crank. Anyone got any advice or heard of similar problems?

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Postby Bnej » Wed Mar 12, 2008 12:42 pm

Pretty much impossible to bend a crank arm without a crash or landing a jump too hard. Does your son ride it at the skate park at all? Does he go off riding with his friends? If he's riding it like a BMX then it's going to get bent/loose/damaged pretty readily.

If he's riding it with his friends, then he's probably trying to do tricks and stunts on it, and it's not the right sort of bike to ride for that.

If he only rides it with you, on trails, and doesn't jump it, then you might have a case for warranty. But most young riders will be trying to do jumps with their bikes and damage caused due to a badly landed jump is not going to be covered.

The most likely cause for the other kid having a bent crank also is they're probably doing the same jumps and tricks and hence causing the same damage.

Anyway I don't know your LBS or your son, but the kind of damage you're describing is different to the sorts of issues that would normally be warranty repairs. If Specialized says it's damage due to abuse/crashes/jumping, then the LBS won't be able to provide warranty repairs.


Postby MountGower » Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:43 pm

G'day Shiloh

Not intending to be pedanatic, but for the sake of accuracy, your issues are with the components and the bike shop, not Specialized or their Hard Rock model. The best thing you can do is start servicing the bike yourself. Bike shops are wonderful when you are throwing the loot around and seldom more pleasant than flood, drought, famine, or pestilence when it comes to warranty.

Start buying your parts and tools from the internet and only go to a bike shop in case of an absolute emergency.

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Postby Mulger bill » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:21 pm

The rear deralleur issue could be an initial set up thing... was the hanger bent when you took it in?

It takes a lot to bend a crank, gawd knows I've tried, succeeding only the once...

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