Seat post and saddle issue

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Seat post and saddle issue

Postby nsuttie » Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:35 am

Hey everyone,

I bought a second hand Trek about 18 months ago and after a bit of a slow start I'm really into it now and doing some longer rides. As a result of more time in the saddle I'm more interested in the bike fit than I had been previously. So the other day I was trying to adjust my saddle setback and bring it forward slightly. When I tried to undo the allen key bolt that clamps the saddle down I noticed it was worn and out of shape. The correct sized allen key would grab but under any pressure would just spin in the hole. Do I need a new seat post or should i just replace the bolt, if this is possible how do i get the bolt out if its worn?

Standard carbon fiber bontrager seat post and saddle from a Trek 1200

Thanks for any help, Adam

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Re: Seat post and saddle issue

Postby funnybike » Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:59 am

Hi Adam

You could try using an older imperial size allen key as it might fill the gap a little better in your stripped bolt. The down side is that you may damage and wreck a perfectly good tool.

Another option is to take the seat & post out of the bike, clamp (with gentle timber supports) in a vise, and drill the head off the bolt. Then you can just replace the bolt at your local bolt shop, (probably an 8mm), and bob's your uncle. Be careful with the drill that you don't damage the clamp, or yourself.

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