Tubeless taping with Gorilla tape for the road

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Tubeless taping with Gorilla tape for the road

Postby hotshod » Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:47 am

Hi Tubeless fans and aficionados,

I have taped up a few sets of road wheels , using Stan's , using 3M Filament cross weave tape, using VeloFuze, and the mighty Gorilla tape.

By far the most successful is Stan's or Gorilla.

My question is when using Gorilla tape if you overlap at the valve hole by 100-150mm can you do it with only a single layer for road use and road pressures, generally 80-105 psi. ? ? ? ?

Stan's needs the double layer for the road , and I have done Gorilla as a double layer ( starting opposite the valve hole, because you don't need 3 layers at the valve hole when doing double wrap)...... But using the 2 layers of Gorilla felt like overkill and a bit weighty.

I like using the Gorilla because it goes on so well and beds in with no air bubbles that can a nuisance with Stan's.

Your thoughts ...!!!
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