Deore M590 Triple chainline on road bike.

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Deore M590 Triple chainline on road bike.

Postby sturmey archer » Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:27 pm

So I'm rebuilding my 'bumpy road' bike - a old steel frame Shogun Metro AT. Ive got a 9 speed 135 mm spacing rear wheel
which appears to have a chainline of about 45 mm on the centre cog. The Deore M590 crankset I have has a 50mm
chainline when installed as per the instructions (2 x 2.5mm spacers on drive-side, 1x 2.5mm spacer non drive side).
With the spacers this way the cranks seem to be centred.

Should I:
A - move one spacer from drive side to non drive side , moving both cranks across 2.5mm
B - Move two spacers across from the drive side and move both cranks 5mm towards the non drive side. Any idea if I'm
likely to notice this?
C - leave it this way - 5mm being about the spacing between two cogs on the cassette anyway.(OK 4.34 mm)

1.370" x 24 tpi - what sort of stupid standard is that?
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