Malvern Star Sportif Brakes

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Malvern Star Sportif Brakes

Postby PYLee » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:49 pm

Hi guys,

First time getting a bike and decided to pick up a Malvern Star Sportif for a budget price to start off my new hobby.

Had a play around with the rear brakes and when putting it all together, i realize the rear brakes will engage but will not spring back to original position. I tried tweaking the nuts and cable but just couldn't get it to work.

Could someone guide me please , alternatively , i'm looking at replacing both the front and rear brakes in the near future ! What brakes should i be looking at , from what i can make out of , the bike comes with a dual pivot brake caliper so i'm looking at something like this ... er-brakes/

Cheers guys

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