Tektro Mini-V Brakes

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Tektro Mini-V Brakes

Postby toff » Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:33 am

I am trying to work out the best brake solution for my latest project.

I've got bullhorn bars with Dia Compe bar-end brakes, and I need them to work with V-brakes.

I'm currently using a Travel-Agent thingy to compensate for the extra mechanical advantage I have, and it's an okay solution, but a bit sloppy due to the extra cable.

I would like to use a pair of Tektro Mini-V brakes (or similar) instead, but the front forks are suspension forks. My LBS asked me to measure the gap between the brake bosses, which were 80mm. I was then told that Mini-V brakes won't work when the bosses are that far apart, since they are designed for road frames with bosses less than 75mm wide.

I've also heard of other brakes which would do the job (e.g. Strange Brakes) but none seem to exist anymore. I know Dia-Compe also make a lever for drop bars which is compatible with V-brakes, but I don't think anyone makes a bar-end brake lever that would fit on my bullhorns...

Can anyone tell me whether Mini-V brakes will actually work when the bosses are 80mm wide?

If not, can anyone suggest another combination that might work without the Travel-Agent?


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