Completely bamboozled with chronic tube failure

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Re: Completely bamboozled with chronic tube failure

Postby human909 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:01 pm

You are not going to have voids forming under 100psi of pressure! They are spoke hole punctures plain as day. Get some proper rim tape and then get some more. double up on it. Life is too short to be going through 10-15 tubes from spoke hole punctures.

(Inner tubes are amazingly compliant and flexible as long as you don't have any thing sharp like spoke holes they can do pretty impressive tricks inside the tyre. I once saw an incorrectly fitted tube that was only fitted to half the tyre and then double backed on itself. Thus only a semi circle of tyre had inner tube in it when deflated. Though when I saw it , the tube had done many months of riding like that having inflated and expanded to fill the full circumference! :shock: )

Alien27 wrote:I don't think the tube inside the tyre will stretch away from the valve side that much. especially as the thicker reinforced bit of the tube would have to It's happening with every tube on both wheels. Different brand tubes and different batches of the same brand.

As above, an inner tube can EASILY stretch double its length under pressure. In the above example that is exactly what happened!

Fix the rim tape!

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Re: Completely bamboozled with chronic tube failure

Postby Alien27 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:43 pm

An update on the conundrum. I'm not 100% sure of the cause but the solution ended up being building up the void either side of the valve up with layers of rim tape. First one cloth rim tape all the way around, then 3 layers half width just either side of the valve.

That lasted about 8 rides which was a big improvement from the previous 2 rides before failure. The failure was different as well, instead of the dimpling, the tube seemed to be abraded and it split.


So I then put the original yellow tape over the top of all the other layers. It seems to have done the trick, fingers crossed.


Human I'm not completely discounting the possibility of it being the rim tape but I used 3 different rim tapes, two cloth and the original plastic one.

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