Pulley issue on SRAM Force RD

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Pulley issue on SRAM Force RD

Postby TheDon » Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:38 pm

Lower pulley on my SRAM Force RD has been making nasty sounds. Sometimes chain has jammed if pedals rotated backwards. So looked closely as I ran the chain through it, and looks like the rear pulley wasn't rotating in a circle when looked at directly side on, and had more an elliptical movement. So I pulled out the lower pulley to have a look see.

My bike is second hand, so I'm suspecting the pulley got pulled apart at some point, and not properly put fully back together, because what came apart was the pulley wheel itself and the bolt, the two large metal washers that sit on either side of the pulley and a small hollow metal ring that the bolt runs through. That's it.


But I've found an image from Park Tools (above) that shows a SRAM RD and pulleys pulled apart. It seems I am possibly missing the red bit that should sit between the outer pulley wheel and the small hollow internal metal ring. Having said that, I put the rear pulley back in, tightened it up, and it seems to run more smoothly. So, short question, is it time to get new pulleys? If so, any views on going with SRAM or finding some other kind of replacement?

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Re: Pulley issue on SRAM Force RD

Postby John Lewis » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:24 pm

The common type just have the metal sleeve, the two washers and the bolt.
The pulley runs on the sleeve and the plastic of the pulley is the bearing surface.

The Park tool image looks as if the pulleys have ball races and the red bit is the ball race seal/cover. It would seem it is different from the one you have.
Give yours a clean and a bit of oil and do it up tight and it should be fine. Seems you have probably done tht already.


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Re: Pulley issue on SRAM Force RD

Postby Mulger bill » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:31 pm

You've got bushed pulleys and the pic shows the higher spec sealed bearing variety.
Not sure about SRAM road gear but it'd be wise to confirm whether they are a universal fit or top/bottom specific like Shamino.

BBB Rollerboys are an excellent investment.
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