Single wheel trailer stand

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Single wheel trailer stand

Postby Postman Pat » Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:33 pm

with the rain and school holidays (baby sitting kids) I started a project on a friends single wheel trailer it is set up for my 700c Wheels so leg length may need a length adjustment :lol:
ok first picture is one of the legs with all parts required to bolt it to trailer this is one side only note the top side bracket has an edge trimmed that is to get it as close to the side of the trailer as possible
the second image is a detail of the top of the leg showing the chamfer at the top on one side the chamfer is enough to let the leg fold up against the floor of the trailer the other chamfer is to allow the leg to go past 90 deg the leg length in the photo for my bike is 205 mm I still have to fine tune the length as it still a touch long I also intend to put rubber feet on it to stop any metal to metal rattle. I also had to put a dent in the legs to allow it to tuck right up against the floor.
the third image is the position of the bracket on the trailer
the forth is to show position of the brackets
I used a ocky strap to lift the legs when not in use as it can be un hooked to allow the legs to drop and then all you do is push the trailer backwards to lift it on to the legs I then hook up the ocky strap to retract legs when riding off as per images
it took some fiddling to get the tension right the last photo is with it mounted on the bike note the wheel of the trailer is of the ground by about 1 cm to make sure the weight is on the leggs. I might shorten it later if required.
some final thoughts depending on how the weight is distributed you might find that it lifts the bike wheel of the ground.I intend to continue the use of the ocky strap for the foreseeable future as it is required to release the legs to the ground.It might also be necessary to put a bigger plate under the brackets under the trailer floor to give the brackets some support but the intention at the moment is to be as simple as possible the brackets are stainless steel from rohnstann 255 is the number the legs are from a old tent pole if any one want better images let me know I will email them to you
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