Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

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Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby mickk » Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:22 pm

Well bored by the pace of my main project, and on a whim and a Lighbulb/Credit card moment, I am going to build the Ricardo Nouvo that I bought new in the late 80s. Here is is, a bit sad, but not as bad as it looks. For the miles I put on that bike, its reaally in good nic, well the components are. It has been very well cared for its just dirty and I wanted it to look sad.


They are all original components bar the RD Suntour and HS which is Cinelli. Its all original release 105-1050 parts otherwise. The brakes are really in good nic for their age. Im amazed at how much of the black writing is still left overall compared to what is around. One 105 sticker is peeling from a hub but I just spin the rear wheel, gave it a 2 inch push, ran for a miunute with no signs of stopping so I got tired of it and put it down, lovely hubs, I repacked them many times. Oh well the pedals are not original either or the handlebar tape, that has to be white and thats the dodgy left over prison blue respray that I had done after owning her for 3 yearsl, a bad mistake but it was easy to find.

I will be trying to get the original lemon yellow/white paint job, I have a few pics that might be enough of a guide.

I have noticed there are a few versions of the original 105 1050 gear. Some different style and placement graphics, two other colouors/finishes and some special release gear, but I have tracked pretty much all of mine down now and it is in the mail.

I have almost every component coming NOS NIB. The crankset was dearest, $170 but then again I got hubset and cluster for $100 which is a bargain I reckion, they are great hubs, so smooth and strong. The pedals will be very hard to find I reckon because everyone threw them out and I doubt many were made as spares as clipless came along very soon after.


Origiinal bike thanks to viewtopic.php?f=23&t=16836&hilit=ricardo+nouvo&start=400

The saddle is branded Ricardo but underneath it is moulded stamp Viscount 2236 maybe that will be the hardest. Its all still out there, just a bit dear for what it was/is.

I have found that on Ebay, if you go to each local version, e.g, .it, .uk,.fr etc that you get items that are not listed on .au or .com, so just a tip when you are searching. The item number will come up everywhere, but the exact item description doesnt work, crazy.

I think it will cost me about a grand all up to have it back as it was out of the shop all brand new. I think it was RRP $1299 or similar at the time. A really good bike was 3 grand, an ordinary one, about 600 so it was an entry level racing bike a bit less $ than a known brand from the UK but same specs.

Decals might be difficult amd there are two little grub srcews and spings that go in each drop out, they got lost very early on, they were not really necessary. So more parts hard to get than I thought, but not impossible.

I Knew I kept it for a reason and I guess I was lucky that I looked and there were so many NOS NIB 1050 parts around to chose from. For the pleasure I will get riding it new again and then framing it, the price is reasonable. I think I could do a lot better on price if I was patient, but Im not, so impatience comes at a premium.

I will strip in on the weekend and show you the parts after nearly 30 years of use, 10 serious, 10 not so serious and 10 not much use at all.

The respray should be easy, but theres oils and oils sol, so I will be seeking a recommendation, its the transition from yellow to white that will be hard.

I forget what the original rims were maybe weinman or similar sounding name, they were considered rubbish, I got the mavics pretty soon, maybe 12 months after I had it. Geexe I might still have them as a Yabbie Pot, I must look! I trhink a couple of replaced spokes onthe rear but front are otiginal, I wonder if I could re use them?
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by BNA » Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:52 pm


Re: Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby rtnicho » Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:52 pm

Hi Mickk
I renovated one of these a while back. I painted it matt black, added silver cables, dura ace 7800 groupset, Prolite stelvios, white seat, white bar tape. - No attempt at originality because I liked the frame so much (Tange 2) that I wanted to see how well it went with newer high end stuff on it. It's probably my favourite steely in the collection - handles like a dream. I've still got the original 105 groupset somewhere if you get stuck for something - let me know. I think it had biopace. From memory the GS was in pretty good condition. I'll see if I've still got the dropout screws, but I doubt it. You can have what bits you need for postage. Look forward to pickys.
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Re: Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby mickk » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:16 am

Thats good to hear Roger. I was in love with mine, it too handled like a dream. Im really looking forward to having it back new. I did consider putting a period Campag GS on it as that would have been my dream at the time.

Ive got everything I need now I think thanks for the offer. I can see a lot of pretty worn original pedals, but I will hang out for a new pair. A new original or better condition head stem is going to be hard. I must start looking at hard rubbish, it is a Nitto 22.2 (0.875) made in japan UV and thats all it has on it. Mne is serviceable but very beaten up, scratches that polishing wouldnt remove. I might leave it as part of the history if I can get everything else new.

The serial is L7Y3384 which makes it a 87 frame. I cant find my BB puller atm but as soon as that is done I will send pics and frame to painter.

Parts should start dribbling in this week. The NOS NIB levers and brakes ended up the most costly, $200 inc 50 postage, the AUD$ and postage is the killer but mainly postage.

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Re: Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby mickk » Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:03 pm

Here is the original bike, photos of a photos, best I can do for now.

This was the first time compulsory helmets mere worn on a ride, you can see the Bell V1 Pro Helmets. Also the double D cell Cateye lights. Zefal HP Pump from memory one of the best HP pumps ever made I reckon, Look toolbag, the mavic MA40 rims were on then.

So I have new hubs, cranks, 52/42 biopace rings, new brakes and levers, new headset, new FD, new RD, new cassette, new BB, new index shifters SIS, all 1050. New handle bar tape, new tubes.

Original handlebars and stem, original seat post and saddle and rim tapes. 1990s Kevlar 15mm tyres.

Missing are pedals, spoke reflectors, some cables, I got a few but they all look the same. The brushed aluminium bracket that held the rear reflector missing too. I got the reflector and Im sure I got the bracket somewhere but ai cant find it. Also need spokes and will have to make up decals.

So there is a lot more to it than meets the eye to get it to "as new" enough to keep me crazy for 12 months finding the hard parts.

I cant remember the original rims. I replaced them with MA40s within the first 6 months. I think they were Weinman, but the Ricardo spec sheets says weinman for the lesser model and just alloy for the Nouvo. I seem to remember a green and yellow sticker, maybe they were mavic alloy, continental rings a vague bell, so does IRC, the quest will continue for a while. Until then I am happy to track down an NOS set of MA40s. I might have to reuse my decals as they seemed to change from country to country, year to year but the rims didnt.

Isnt it interesting how all this is possible thanks to internet. It would have been impossible before it. maybe trading post, maybe magazines, swap meets, but pretty much impossible for me to achieve. It might hurt street stores but it has created many new markets for other people who seem to make a living out of it.

Oh yes I will have to decide on a chain too. I dont think it was fitted with bidon cages, if it was they were very basic low cut white plastic covered metal ones.

Now I think that really is everything covered. Any ideas on missing bits appreciated. I am trying to track down the mate that sold it too me and built it in the shop to rebuild it. If I can do that after all this time, I will organise a bike show and give myself first prize for effort.

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Re: Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby mickk » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:40 pm

Well slowly but surely things are coming along. The weather is delayig things from the USA, but no rush.

I received the new BB, Cassette, Hubs and FD, all perfect except one of the hubs had been rubbing agianst the cassette, causing scratches. Not so much as a tissue paper between them. Not really good enough, but thems the breaks.

I have not heard back from the mob in Thomastown that I want to redo the frame.

Here is new vs old FD. Not bad for 25 years old. The angle makes one look slightly different to the other.
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Re: Ricardo Nouvo Reborn to 99.99% original.

Postby mickk » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:15 pm

Ive now got everything except NOS brakes and levers. I will post a video of new parts it will be easier.

In comparison, all my 105 running gear is in pretty good nick and the br I may not replace. The bl I want to because I had a few stacks and they are quite scuffed.

Looking back, when it wasnt being ridden it was inside and not near the beach, so it aged well and I used to clean it once a week, pulled it apart a dozen times for a good clean, so that paid off.

I love the NOS crankset the most, withthe biopace rings, I should just hang that on the wall but I think the bike may go there when its finished.
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