Avid juicy 7 stiff lever help

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Avid juicy 7 stiff lever help

Postby eeksll » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:08 am

Hello, riding my MTB (avid juicy 7 hydraulic disc brake) today

the rear brake lever was very stiff;
it felt very on/off i.e no modulation;
the lever also felt like it was biting earlier in the lever stroke than 2 days ago (and now after the ride it feels like its back to normal);
also on the trail the brakes rubbing more than they are now, it spins quite freely now, but when messing with it on the trail, the wheel did not spin as much, but still free enough to spin a few rotations when the bike was upside down.

My initial thought is air is in the system (as thats the only thing I know can go wrong with hydraulic brakes :lol: ) but a bit of googling seems to suggest that air = sponginess which is the exact opposite of what I am experiencing.

I bled the brakes about a year ago, and this is the 3rd time I have ridden it.

thanks for looking, Any ideas?

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