2017 TCR Advanced Gear Cable Guides specific

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2017 TCR Advanced Gear Cable Guides specific

Postby marcb720 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:11 am

Hello everybody! I am upgrading my group set from OEM 5800 to R8000 and before I start cutting and pulling any thing, I am tossing this Q here. Has anybody here has a definitive experience in upgrading a 2017 Giant TCR Advanced gear cable (front and rear). My concerns are, a) if the length of internal cable guides that enters the down tube runs all the way down to and beyond the bottom bracket? b) or if I push a liner on the cable before pulling them out, will it go through the chain stay, pass the bottom bracket and up the down tube? Any little bit of help is much appreciated. Thanks and Cheers!

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Re: 2017 TCR Advanced Gear Cable Guides specific

Postby Tim » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:45 pm

I have a TCR Adv SL of the same frame series. Earlier model but think the rear cabling is much the same.
The cable guide from the downtube towards the rear derailleur does run through the bottom bracket and beyond, part way down the chainstay, unlike the previous series frames where the front and rear guides met at the BB.
I just undo the cable clamp screw and release the cable from the rear derailleur.
It might help at this stage cutting the end of the cable inner clean of any frayed bits so as it doesn't snag anything on removal.
Remove the outer cable loop and then pull the rear cable stop and liner/guide from the frame.
Next pull the full length of the inner cable out from the shifter end.
Feed a new cable in from the shifter and keep pushing it until it reaches the rear end of the frame.
I found that with a bit of push and pull and manipulation the inner cable popped straight out the frame exit hole.
Feed the cable liner and stop back over the inner and into the frame and finish off with the new cable outer loop and fix the cable to the RD.
The cable might catch on the rim of the exit hole whilst being pushed from the shifter. Just keep jiggling the cable to and fro and it should find its way out. Otherwise an old spoke or similar probe can help steer the cable out of the hole.
I haven't done the FD cable on the TCR yet but have on an equivalent model Defy. I'm quite sure the cable guide is just one continuous length from the entry hole up on the downtube straight through to the exit above the BB. Just feed the new inner into the frame, don't remove the guide or stop.

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Re: 2017 TCR Advanced Gear Cable Guides specific

Postby chriso_29er » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:49 pm

I have a current TCR advanced pro and much the same as Tim, just pushed a new inner in from the head tube and it pretty much just popped out the end of the chain stay. Zero mucking around, it found its own way past the bottom bracket without bother.


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