Malvern star dragstar help required...

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Malvern star dragstar help required...

Postby Wert » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:54 pm


Sorry if this is the incorrect location for my inquiry and I won't be offended if it is moved to an appropriate location?

I have a Malvern stat dragstar and when I purchased it I thought I restore it for my daughter. Problem is I ain't built a bike in 20 something years and back then it was a haro freestyle or something? Yes it was.

I've now decided I'm going to trick it up custom rod style as best as my limited skill and knowledge will allow me?
So I'm here asking a first question in a que of what will likely be an abundance of questions hopefully I can find answers to.

I'm interested to know if there are aftermarket bottom brackets that fit so I can fit different cranks? Or can I use the bbs on the frame and somehow intergrate modern cranks?

My vision is a bright coloured dragster with some form of five spoke rim with bmx style crank and chainring thingymibop.

So can anyone suggest how I might get modern bmx parts into the dragstar frame using the original bb or sourcing an aftermarket bb that fits?

cheers guys n gals.



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