EW-WU111 update firmware error

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EW-WU111 update firmware error

Postby Xanadu » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:42 am

I use Shimano 9070 Di2 system with EW-RS910 module and EW-WU111 wireless module. I have tried to update EW-WU111 firmware via mobile version of eTube application. Unfortunately I haven't seen Di2 battery level was low, so operation failed. In consequence current version of EW-WU111 firmware has been lost. I have tried to restore firmware via SM-PCE1 diagnostic module, but eTube application (PC version) displays information:

"There is new firmware for EW-WU111, but as the Bluetooth LE version is not supported, it cannot be updated. Update it via the mobile edition".

Unfortunately, when I try to do it via mobile edition, operation always ends with error. After failed try, all Di2 components not respond and I must reset system by temporarily disconnecting battery.

How can I restore firmware?

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