Status of rider eho fell at Dunc Gray last Friday?

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Status of rider eho fell at Dunc Gray last Friday?

Postby AlanD » Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:09 pm

Anyone know the status of the guy who fell at Dunc Gray Velodrome last friday night who got carted off to hospital? He seemed to have broken one forearm and because of the damage to his helmet, they treated him as though he'd received spinal injuries.

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Re: Status of rider eho fell at Dunc Gray last Friday?

Postby Beanzy » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:55 am

From the rider himself - Anton.

"Hello fellow track riders,

Firstly, to all competitors - sorry I slowed down the nights racing on Friday 26th June at Dunc Gray (it certainly wasn't in my race plan). I felt guilty for no reason really, A bit busted up and feeling a bit down does not accompany well with a trip to the hospital - especially fitted with a neck brace which in itself is a test in patience and endurance, trust me on that one!
I cannot be thankful enough to Ky (Kai) and Lucy who were quick to the scene after the fall. Ky (a professional Para-medic and his partner Lucy ( an emergency department nurse) - ( hope I have all the details right) took care of the situation with the utmost skill and care. The ambos' and hospital staff were impressed with the "beer carton" wrist/arm splint. So to you both I am forever grateful for yur immediate concern, observance, assessment and management of the situation. Everything you did was "spot on".

Thank you also to Tony and Colin the ambulance Para-medics. Tony in particular took my mind away from my pain - I was able to laugh a couple of times - someone once told me "laughter is the best medicine" - I'm not sure it worked too well on the night - bugger!! Thank you to my club racing friends who lent kind words of encouragement and helped out with my car, bike, gear etc - Branka, Tony, Braham, Bill, Angus and Christian and especially to Bill Laing who accompanied the Ambulance to Liverpool Hospital - Bill stayed till 2.00am and was my (very successful) mediator with my wife Lois - thanks mate!

After X-Rays and a CT Scan I was cleared of any broken bones or suspected injury to neck and back of head. Lois drove up from Canberra on Saturday and I was released from hospital at 4.00pm. Although missing some skin (grows back), some bruising (goes away) and my right hand bandaged (take off and throw away as necessary) I was in good spirits. Tomorrow is a new day - and folks, it always is!!

On the way home Paul Craft rang and spoke with Lois for some time and through his conversation with her I was very thankful for his call and more to the point - his call certainly gave Lois and me a huge amount of comfort. So Paul, thank you for the professional manner in which you handled this situation - you are a good man. Thank you to the people who helped trackside with the stretcher etc and people who helped in getting the Ambulance to the track and if I have missed thanking anybody - believe me - thank you.

Best wishes and kind regards to all -
Anton Wurzer."

It was a nasty fall, i was out the arse so really only saw the aftermath.

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Re: Status of rider eho fell at Dunc Gray last Friday?

Postby Alex Simmons/RST » Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:54 pm

Glad to hear nothing serious.

What happened?
Any video? I was watching it live from home but stopped about half way through the night and don't recall a crash up to that point.

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Re: Status of rider eho fell at Dunc Gray last Friday?

Postby alchemist » Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:08 pm

There was video, not posted anywhere. Div 4 Winners race heat 2.

Coming up to a sprint lap in the Winners race, just a case of too many riders aiming to be in the same pieces of track. Anton fell inwards and gave his helmet a fair crack on the concrete so they were treating it as a possible head injury.

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