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Frame flexing and bending?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:56 am
by ciaran
Hi All,

I bought a VISP frame a while back and have been very happy with it. Just recently, I was sighting up the tubes and noticed that the drive-side seat stay has a slight convex bow compared to the non-drive side.

Now, I didn't check these tubes when I bought the bike so I cannot be sure if it came like that. I have done a few standing starts in 1 lap screamers on a 48/14 gear, and I usually go ok as my jump off the line is ok. This suggests that I have a bit of power which would contribute to flexing and bending the frame, but I am still no Theo Bos.

Is it possible that I have managed to bend the frame?

If it is bent, is it safe to ride? I've inspected all the relevant welds and there is no visible cracking or stress. It still feels like it rides ok.

I guess worst case scenario is that it is bent and I go looking for a new frame. I have done some reading around and there have been no reports of these frames bending under power.

Thanks for any help you can offer,


Frame flexing and bending?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:17 pm
by Comedian
I'm not sure if that is a composite frame, but they don't bend like that. They will flex, and then go back to shape.

Re: Frame flexing and bending?

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:22 pm
by foo on patrol
Can't help you with that sorry!

If it was bent, I would have thought your wheel would not sit square in the forks?

Re: Frame flexing and bending?

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:54 am
by rustychisel
VISP is a fairly coarse alloy frame. They don't really bend. Likely it came from the factory like this, or was squashed a bit in shipping, probably the former. Run the stringline over it to see if it's square and relatively true then ride the snot out of it. Its a sub.$200 frameset.