LCCC carnival

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LCCC carnival

Postby toppity » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:44 pm

Doesn't really need a thread but there doesn't seem to be a general one, and we are not overun with them in this forum anyway.

Yesterday I raced at the Latrobe City Cycling Clubs annual Carnival. The track is a 500m "oval" for want of a better term. I race "A" grade and finshed mid field in all races. There were some very good riders there so I was ok with my results. It was a first for me in a wheel race as well. The Bob Whitford memorial. I was off 45m and boy did we go at it from the gun. I got boxed in when scratch came around and finished about 9th I reckon a fair way back though. It was a good days racing with 14 in "A" grade and a fw less in "B".

It seems as though interest is building a little in country track cycling again. I hope that it starts to get back to like it was in the 80's when the country carnivals were massive events.
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