new bike

Grant W
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new bike

Postby Grant W » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:11 am

This is a new addition to my bike collection which I pick up on Friday.
My Question is, the bike comes with the Renold wheels as pictured but I am thinking about selling these wheels and buying a ZIPP disk for the back and using a Zipp 303 front wheel I already have. Do you think this is a wise move or should I stick with the Renold wheel set.

On the windy days I have a Zipp 404 rear wheel I could use.


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Re: new bike

Postby Parrott » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:21 am

Nice bike 8)
How deep is a 303? If it was a 404 front I'd say get rid of the reynolds and buy a disk, dollars for a zipp though. The front wheel is worth twice the aero benefit of the back wheel. I run an 85mm token tubular front and pro-lite rear disk. We had a 24k tt yesterday in gusty conditions and I got blown around a bit but it was not unsafe once you got used to it. I only have the 85mm token rear and american classic 420 front as an alternative. It hasn't been windy enough to change them yet despite getting buffeted round occaisionally, as you are riding alone and aren't going to take anyone's wheel out if you move around a bit.

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Re: new bike

Postby toolonglegs » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:38 pm

Very Nice!.
I am no expert but pretty sure that wheel will be a lot better than a 303.
Plus you can put them on your road bike when you want to play Cavendish :D .

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