Approach to commuting

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Re: Approach to commuting

Postby Boognoss » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:52 pm

BrisVegas wrote:As it happens, my wife lost her job last month which has meant things are pretty tight financially.

My wife was made redundant last year but managed to secure temp work until a month before our first child was born in Feb this year. I love to spend money on bike stuff but am having to cut back. Now we're a 3 mouths and 1 income family...... (and this mouth is a BIG one :))

Brisvegas wrote: The $180 a month saved on train fares is helping, but it means I'll have to wait a while longer to get a shiny new road rocket bike. I posted elsewhere, but am seriously thinking about selling the second car and dedicating myself to riding ALL the time. That would be my excuse to grab a shiny new bike, lights, jerseys, new helmet and all the cool toys I lust after!

$80+ in motorway tolls per WEEK in Sydney's northwest is ridiculous. I'm saving that now plus the cost of petrol.
I've just sold our second car recently but hadn't driven to work for months. Have only used the car a handful of times to get to work in the past 6 months. Not having the option if my wife needs the car for doc's appointments etc has forced me to basically not have the option of driving. Scary at first even though I planned to ride but all good now.
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Re: Approach to commuting

Postby gdt » Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:55 pm

I found that commuting by bike meant that we could keep an old car running longer, and save on depreciation that way. Now I am at the stage where my 1991 Mazda 121 bubble car is a bit of a classic.

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Re: Approach to commuting

Postby thepeddler » Mon May 03, 2010 5:20 pm

My approach to commuting is;
1. Fitness
2. saving money by not training or driving
3. helping the environment by having one less car on the road.

Initially I tried to go fast and beat my times but I decided I would rather just kick back and enjoy the scenery. Who wants to race to work lol.

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Re: Approach to commuting

Postby Kneedown » Thu May 06, 2010 6:04 pm

I commute 36km round trip Palmyra to Perth CBD and absolutely love it.

1. Fitness
2. Save on fuel & parking
3. Save the planet
4. Down to one car for family as mrs is home with our 2 month old now

I try to ride as hard as I can every ride. I can now ride the wheels off my flat bar and tend to pass most people on my rides. Heading into the sea breeze in the arvo is always hard work but thankfully the wind has dropped off here at the moment! Love the morning rides past the river which looks like glass every day. 8)

Pet hate is joy riders getting a free tow off me. I'm lugging my lunch and work clothes in my back pack on a $600 flat bar and some guys riding $5k full carbon jobbies in their designer Team gear think its cosher to sit on my butt for a free ride! :evil:

I also use back roads through the burbs on my route and most car drivers are pretty good but have recently noticed a lack of courtesy from Merc driving old farts who think they are more important than anyone else. :roll:
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Re: Approach to commuting

Postby sim-o » Fri May 07, 2010 1:25 pm

I have been riding the 25km x 2 round trip from Wanneroo to Leederville (Perth) more regularly over the last couple of months. I also had trouble with the "feeling sleepy" at work after the morning ride. Since I had no locker, I carted my entire belongings :shock: (semi-hiking backpack) for the trip in both directions. Simply surving the trip (especially if I took my MTB instead of Road bike) is usually the highest priority.

I find coffee + food when getting to work helps, but if it was a hard ride it's difficult to stop that "sleepy" felling.

I just got a locker at work so I'm keen to see how that helps the energy levels with the significantly reduced weight :).
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