How much is commuting on a bike saving you?

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Re: How much is commuting on a bike saving you?

Postby rpmspinman » Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:25 pm

Lurkin wrote:Non financial

- never have to pay money onto Myki, being one of the worst features of Melbourne.
- do not get sick from other sick people on the train.
- do not have to deal with crazy/hygienic people on the train.
- have not been sneezed on since cycle commuting.
- take work rage out on cycling for a more relaxing 'home time'.
- becoming fitter and therefore healthier/ less likely to die from inactivity related illnesses.
- less time spent commuting period
- more awake at work after cycling in rather than sleeping on the train
- have not been threatened by drunk/ young people on the rail system
- have not been late to work/ stressed out due to train cancellations/ late trains
- have not been interrogated by the pretend police officers who hang about train stations
- get to see more of Melbourne
- have freedom to go wherever I want on the way home
- get to feel alive racing anyone and everyone in front of me/ race the traffic on the road/ race the trams because I can
- get to feel like a real smarty pants ripping past cars stuck in traffic
- get to have a coffee prior to starting work, in peace, because I have more time due to spending less time commuting
- enjoying having another common interest when meeting new people
- like knowing I travel without using fossil fuels
- bike is cheaper to fix than a car
- do not have to find parking/ pay for parking


frankly, probably spent more than saved. :oops:

but the quality of life from the non financial benefits outweighs the (small) additional cost of cycling.

This is me to a tea, except I dont commute to work, I work from home. But the benefits as outlined above are a huge plus if I did work away from home.

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Re: How much is commuting on a bike saving you?

Postby cyclotaur » Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:21 pm

For my entire working life I never drove to work. Instead I was able to ride, walk or tram. We were a one car family for 30 years until my son got his drivers licence. Over that period, based on the costs (capital/depreciation/insurance/maintenance/running costs) of the car(s) we did have all that time, I estimate we saved at least $90-120k over the typical (nearly everyone else we knew) 2-car family.

That's a lot of mortgage payments, orthodontics and family holidays right there. Or other investments ...
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