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Re: Not falling with clipless pedals

Postby Downhill » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:14 pm

balap wrote:How to fall from a bike with the least damage to the rider?

Sorry to take so long to respond to this question (hope it's still relevant).

There is a way to minimise the risk. Assuming that you are still clipped in, that you are stationary, that you are not going to be hit by a car, and that you're not going to hit anything on the way down:

Curve your body by leaning away from the fall. Try to roll along the outside of your bottom leg, i.e. ankle - calf - knee - thigh. This dispels the force over a much larger area, which significantly reduces the risk of a fracture. Roll on the soft bits (i.e. your muscles) and not on the bony bits (knee, hip, elbow, shoulder or wrist). Keep your bottom arm almost straight (very slightly curved) so that you don't land on the point of your shoulder, the point of your elbow, or the heel of your hand. If you've started falling and are past the point of no return, then don't fight it. Do it slow and go with the flow.

The good news is that this will happen almost automatically if your feet are still clipped and your hands are still on the bars. The bad news is that it isn't instinctive. It takes practice. Don't try it unless you have a good coach, plenty of space, a soft landing spot, and a disposable bike. It's better (and quicker) to learn not to fall off in the first place.

(Maybe this should be in the "Safety" forum?)
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