Bike friendly workplaces - mine's hard to top

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Re: Bike friendly workplaces - mine's hard to top

Postby dillonp » Tue May 08, 2012 1:25 pm

Rhubarb wrote:There's been a couple of threads lately about bike unfriendly workplaces, lack of showers etc. This has made me think about how lucky I am (well soon will be).

We're moving in to a new building in Aug which I think is going to be as good as it gets for cycling facilities. Highlights as follows:
- 182 bike racks in a secure caged area within the basement carpark with swipe card access, no extra keys
- 200 + personal lockers with full length hanging facilities and digital locks, no extra keys
- 11 showers each for male and female in the basement plus 2 per floor in the disabled toilets
- complimentary body/hair wash provided in showers (saves everyone bringing their own)
- complimentary fresh towel linen service (saves everyone drying towels in basement)
- ironing facilities in change rooms
- air conditioning in change rooms (important in Brisbane summer to stop sweating before you dress)
- dry cleaning / ironing service available (not free)
- complimentary fruit every day, plus heavily subsidized barista coffee within the building
- 3 bike shops within 200m if you need a tube or cable repair etc

My employer also provides a company branded set of bib and braces and a jersey free each year from scody.

There is going to be about 2100 people in this building but I still think this is going to be as good as it gets for cycle commuting. Bring on August!!!!

very similar for me at 150 or so employees, new fitout in Bris CBD, so it is compusory.
also a bike repair/service facility with free pickup/delivery, obviously they charge well but priceless for people with no idea.
no complaints ! and definitely encourages non-riders to start.
7 steel bikes and counting

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Re: Bike friendly workplaces - mine's hard to top

Postby find_bruce » Tue May 08, 2012 4:57 pm

Rhubarb wrote:So for all those people who read my initial post and have been insanely jealous, it should hearten you to know that I no longer work at that building. The facilities at the building I work in now are "adequate" but very basic in comparison.

To be honest I don't need a lot so it doesn't really bother me. A shower and a secure place to lock my bike is really all I need.

In reality the worst thing about my new place of work is that it is 7kms closer to home, and that 7kms was the safest, fastest and most picturesque part of the trip.

Easily fixed Rhubarb - once per day just add a 14 km loop through the picturesque bit :D

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Re: Bike friendly workplaces - mine's hard to top

Postby PB12IN » Thu May 10, 2012 12:00 pm

simmo71 wrote:My workplace has about 250 people, 6 of who are regular commuters. I am the only one to wear lycra and clip in! So you get the calibre of the other riders.

Wow how terrible that you have to work with people that are so lowly they ar not "real" cyclists, just becasue they ride a bike. It is discusting and it gives international competitors such as your self a bad name. :roll:

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