Commuting Mishaps

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Commuting Mishaps

Postby teamdanby » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:40 pm

OK i'm sure we all have storys to tell of close calls or the days where nothing works for you

well i will start with one of mine and it was today

commute was going fine legs feeling good bike felt solid and thou it was dark and a bit cold it was a great morning

that was all up to about 1km to go

heading down a section of dirt road leading into work that is a bit bumpy from all the trucks useing it i was watching my nitelight on the frount bounceing around more worried about it then is hear and feel a pop crack sound and my bum seems to of dropped
oh great the seatpost had slipped i thought at first untill i relised i still had the seat clenched between my bum cheeks

clenching dropping down and gear and brakeing at the same time i come to a stop when the seat dropps to the ground and part of the clamp that holds it into the seat post

thinking i lost a part i start to search in the dark useing my light and after a 20min look i come up empty
bugger it!
oh well i put the seat and the part into my bag and do the last km standing

inside and under lights i have alook at what has gone wrong and find the other side of the clamp wedged under the seat also with it a sheared bolt that holds it all together

into the LBS at a break and i'm told it is a non standard bolt made for giant and nothing they have will fit so they have had to order a bolt but will not be here till late tomorrow

so now i left the bike with them and had to scab a lift as close to home with a work mate in one of them metal boxes and then walk the rest of the was bare footed as i only had work boot at work that stay there (due to mess and smeel) and the rideing shoes :roll:
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Commuting Mishaps

Postby Sir Stinkalot » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:48 pm

Mine happened a few years ago on the way home from Uni.

Traveling up a bit of a hill at the start of the journey. I was seated but having to put a bit of force into the peddling to get up the hill. Then out of nowhere I had basically slipped off the back of the bike. Luckily I managed to stay upright and out of the way of the passing traffic.

Upon looking at my bike the seat post had bent through 90deg so now the front pointy section of the saddle was facing directly up at the sky.

Well I wasn't prepared to delicately balance my bum over the sky facing saddle so I had to ride the next 5pm or so standing up.

I must have looked like some sort of sicko riding around with a pointy seat.

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Re: Commuting Mishaps

Postby ozipom » Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:32 pm

Well mine happened yesterday on my way into work. I had recently adjusted the saddle and had thought I had tightened the bolt. Well I found out yesterday I hadn't :oops:

Turning on to Oxford Street I heard this cracking noise. Fortunately I was not travelling fast so was able to stop the bike quickly. Noticed my Brooks saddle was lying on the road. Managed to rescue it in time before a bus ran over it.

Once I had collected the bits I continued my ride into the office. Tried all the bike shops and hardware stores to get a replacement bolt. Was advised that as it was a "M7" type bolt, it is not generally available in Australia!

In the end I purchased a cheap replacement seat post to get me home in the afternoon.

Lesson from this story, make sure you have tightened the bolt before you go riding :lol: :lol:
- Brian

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