[SYD] Route advice, Lidcombe to UNSW...via Rookwood Cemetery

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[SYD] Route advice, Lidcombe to UNSW...via Rookwood Cemetery

Postby minhyy » Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:44 pm

Hi all,

After Gladys has announced yet another fare hike, timetable changes, disincentives to take the bike onto trains and overall bad service, it's put the nail in the coffin and confirmed my intentions to start cycling to UNSW from home and back. Coming from Villawood, getting as far as Lidcombe is not a problem, but navigating through the station area itself is something I want to avoid completely so I have opted to go through via Rookwood Cemetery to access the Cooks River path, and the rest should be clockwork. It's just this section of my commute which I am unsure of, and would cause irritation.

1. Are we actually allowed to ride through the cemtery? I don't think there would be any problem, but if something who knows otherwise, please let me know. Riding through the cemetery would be the safest way for me to reach the Cooks River path

This is my current planned inbound route

2. Cemetery opening hours are sunrise to sunset, this may limit my options in the colder months. As I finish uni at 5pm next semester (March-June), I may have to bite the bullet and take the train between Flemington and Lidcombe if I want to avoid the area east of Lidcombe station...but then paying for my fare and the bike's "fare" plus being packed onto a peak hour train will also suck. My outbound route would more or less be the same back I guess..Alternatively, I'm thinking of going through all of Cooks River, up to Olympic Park and back to Lidcombe station and home from there which would be safer

Here is the outbound via Olympic Park, adds another 7-8km or so but ah well!?

Thoughts, comments, advice all welcome

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Re: [SYD] Route advice, Lidcombe to UNSW...via Rookwood Ceme

Postby zebee » Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:38 pm

I've gone through the cemetery on a bike heaps of times, no one has complained.

I've also done the station bit, it's less hairy than you think!

I usually do Cook's path, then instead of left across Centenary Dr to Rookwood, go down Mitchell instead, then left up Arthur, over Centenary Drive, along Railway St. I then head up over the railway bridge at Lidcombe proper but looks like you would just head up East St. If you are going through Lidcombe proper, then you do need some traffic confidence, but it's not that bad. The climb over the railway is a bit of work but it's doable.

So do Rookwood while the gates are open as it is less up and down, but just skirt it if they are not.


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