BIKE PATHS: How fast, is too fast?

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Re: BIKE PATHS: How fast, is too fast?

Postby softy » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:17 pm

Lukeyboy wrote:
Riders that just stop all of a sudden because they don't like someone following them

I hate people that wheelsuck/follow random riders. Especially the ones following that are going hard out just to maintain pace. Why do you ask? Well because I don't know their riding ability and I've seen plenty examples where they get focused on the wheel infront and exclude everything around them. If the rider has to slow or dodge anything this is usually the result.


I don't slow down but I do launch 50kph+ sprints so they get the idea to fudge off.

I have no issue with that,
I will admit I do follow some who might overtake on my slower part of my rides and don't set a lighting pace once in front. I don't hug their wheel for the reason above. I'm not a fan of group rides for that reason. At least one to two bike lengths minimum for me.

Some do overtake you and then when you keep up with them, they all of a sudden slow down, and I'm wondering whats wrong, but they want you to pass. I find this so annoying, if they don't want to be in front, don't overtake.

You get so many that chase you down overtake you, then, because they are puffed start to gradually slow the pace again. Even more annoying.

That is why I follow, if their pace is only slightly slower than mine, why pass and be a show pony. I generally only pass if they are going at a significantly slower pace.

Normally, if you just follow, your paths will deviate after a while, as you are going different places.

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Re: BIKE PATHS: How fast, is too fast?

Postby Zippy7 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:25 pm

Sychen wrote:
Zippy7 wrote:I've been commuting in Sydney across the harbour bridge daily.
People stick to the left, and you shouldn't overtake unless there is no one coming the other direction.
There is no room for people to ride left/right/centre of the path.

I get overtaken, and I overtake others on a regular basis.
That's a fact of life riding over the bridge and you have to deal with it.
The polite guys call out "on yer right" as the pass, but they are past before you could react to it anyway, that's why you stick to the left... :)

I'm confused... How can you overtake pedestrians on the opposite side of the bridge. Bikes all on the west side... Pedestrians all on the east side. Security guards to turn back the ignorant.

Anzac bridge maybe?

When I said "people" I mean other riders.
Since you're familiar with the bridge, you'd know that everyone stays on their own side and no one gets into trouble.
It only gets annoying when there are scooters/skateboarders going slowly blocking things up.

I wonder if they'd allow a mobility scooter on the bridge on the bike side. I saw one hogging up the whole cycle path on kent st one day...
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