Day Dreaming Meanderings of a Part Time Commuter

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Day Dreaming Meanderings of a Part Time Commuter

Postby Leadlined » Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:04 am

It's early, very early. I have to make it to work in time for the eastern states business hours, but I enjoy the early cycle commute once the eyes become accustomed to having to be open at some such time that is not supposed to exist. Summer is especially good, I don't have to fumble about with too many layers of clothes before I hit the road. There's something magical about cycle commuting, especially setting out before the sun is up. It's often different conditions every time and it's an adventure. It's the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. This morning, after the wild Perth storms, the bike was like an ice breaking ship, creating a path through all the tree debris from wild winds the night before. A couple of sticks thrown up and on the legs, no blood, no worries. But then other times, you can be riding through a thick fog, or a perfectly clear icy morning in winter where in some darkened sections you can clearly see the stars. I recently read about someone being chased by a fox on the very path that I ride on.

Some will say that the cyclepath on Perth's freeway north is pretty ordinary. In some ways, they'd be right, but I have to admit that having the path there for the commute all way into the city is very nice. I also enjoy the variety of it. There are so many little portions of the freeway north path that you're always starting or completing a section which seems to tick the clock over a little quicker. Maybe my view is rose coloured because I only do the commute once or maybe twice a week.

Riding home in the mid afternoon in the summer is a whole different ball game. Take today for example. When I left the office it was an oxygen sapping 38 degrees. I should have chucked some veggies in the saddle packs, because by the time I get home, I'm going to be a slow roasted little piggy. A self imposed go slow is the order of the day to make sure I make it all the way without wobbling off the path in a heat exhausted dizzy spell. It'll mean an extra 4 or 5 minutes suffering, but well worth it. I say suffering without really meaning it, because I haven't yet lost that sense of achievement that comes with providing your own power to get to and from work. The cost savings, the adventure, the exercise, cycle commuting, it's the way to go. Anyway, enough with that free advertising speel for Bicycle Network's Ride To Work Day, where was I ? Oh yeah, riding into that hot north easterly to get home. Ahead of me is yet another storm that Perth has dished out over the last few days. The further I go, the more it looks like End of Days and I'm starting to think I should have watched more Doomsday Preppers ! This time however, I make it home before the sky opens up and I spare a thought for all those who are just starting their own rides home. I dwell on that thought for at least 2 seconds before I decide to tuck into some food. Surely I need some more calories beyond that muffin I ate after the commute this morning !

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