If you still want to do Noosa ... get in now

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If you still want to do Noosa ... get in now

Postby ClownBoy » Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:18 am

Tuesday, 13 July 2010
We have great news!

Even though we had already increased the entry numbers for the 2010 Noosa Triathlon by almost 20% more than the 2009 event, the unprecedented increase in demand for the entries this year obviously took us by surprise and unfortunately we were unable to accept the thousands of people who wanted to compete this year.

However we have been in constant discussions with the Local Council over the past few weeks in an effort to find more space in the existing transition area which would hopefully allow us to accept at least a few hundred more entries for the 2010 event.

This has not been an easy task given the limited space that we have to work with, however thanks to the unbelievable cooperation and assistance from Council, we have managed to gain access to adjacent areas and extended road closures for this year's event. This will in turn allow us to offer 350 additional entries this year without compromising the flow of transition or the level of bike traffic on course maintaining the safety of all competitors. Accordingly, these 350 entries will be released as part of a Round 2 Noosa Triathlon Lottery on 19th July. As this is only a recent development we are giving those that have not yet registered for the lottery a chance to enter the larger lottery pool online prior to the draw date.

So get yourself in the running for one of these lottery spots by registering now! Simply login to your USM profile and register for the Noosa Triathlon Lottery within the Noosa Triathlon Multisport Festival. Both individual and team spots will be released.

Check out your USM profile while you are registering and ensure that all your contact details, especially your email address, is current.

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