How much glucose after training?

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How much glucose after training?

Postby tripstobaltimore » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:03 pm

Is there some sort of rule of thumb - like g/kg/hr or something? some sort of idea. At the moment im kind of just winging it. I still want to drop a few kg's, so I want to be somewhat careful about how much I take (There's no way im taking in more calories than expending, just dont want to take it unnecessarily).

Also, when racing, whats the recomended intake of carbs/per kg/hr or whatever?

Thanks guys! :D

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Re: How much glucose after training?

Postby ruscook » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:49 pm

I'd be more inclined to take in protein and complex carbs (multigrain bread) than glucose. Most glucose are med to high GI. Protein is good for rebuilding muscles after heavy exercise, complex carbs are low to med GI for sustained energy. Use a cycle computer/sport GPS to work out how many calories you've burnt and replace (a good website is as necessary (or a little under if you wish to lose weight). This is what works for me and I've picked up from reading on this forum.

Between cycling and I've lost 40kg since Dec 07. My cycling has only been big this year 200km a week, last year was only 75km a week and that's where I lost 37 of those kilos :-)

Sorrry can't help with the racing, I've not got enough experience to know the answers there.

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