Getting the most from my commute

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Getting the most from my commute

Postby anth73 » Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:11 pm

Over the last 12 months I've been building up my road cycling efforts as I've lost weight (down from 81kg to 73kg). My road cycling program has been based around a 35km group ride on Wednesday mornings with lots of hills and a Saturday morning ride of 60km to 90km on mixed terrain. I've also completed one-off rides such as the 70km Marysville to Lake Mountain ride, 150km Audax Geelong to Lorne and return and most recently the 100km Sorrento to Melbourne ride.

Recently I've started commuting to work two days per week and am looking at making it 5 days per week. My question is (and sorry for the long intro) how do I structure my commute to make the most of it from a training perspective? I can vary my commute from a 25km (return) direct and flat route, 30km if I include Kew Boulevard and up to 50km if I take the Main Yarra Trail (MYT) into work and back.

Here's my initial thought:
Monday: MYT / Kew Boulevard incorporating some interval training in the morning, direct / flat route on the way home. About 40km all up.
Tuesday: 25km direct route as a recovery ride (minimal intensity)
Wednesday: Group ride (hills plus!) followed by direct commute into work. Home via Kew Boulevard for some extra hills work.
Thursday: 25km direct route as a recovery ride (minimal intensity)
Friday: 25km direct route as a recovery ride (minimal intensity)
Saturday: Group ride (60 - 90km but mostly a 60km rolling hills route to St Andrews and back)
Sunday: Rest

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the above.
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