Long ride and cramping

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Re: Long ride and cramping

Postby g-boaf » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:12 pm

foo on patrol wrote:I had many a night at the dinner table, where my father would have to lift me up off the chair as both legs would cramp so severely, that he could see big hollows in the back of my legs. :shock:

I went to the Dr and said I needed salt tablets and he near ripped my head off. :oops: He put me on calcium tablets and within three days the cramps had all but stopped and by the end of the week I could, sit sleep and ride without the cursed things crippling me. I would also have pain from them for a couple of days after. :(


That's horrible. :shock: I was on the verge of cramping this afternoon - was running low on drinks so I had to take it easy on those until I could get to Prospect and fill up with water. Not as good, but it'll do. Got home with no problems.

Has anyone tried Skratch Labs (www.skratchlabs.com) drink mix? I've ordered it but it seems to have gotten caught up in the Christmas period postage delays.

I'm using the lemon eLoad now over the holiday break in the absence of anything else. It's nicer than the Orange one. I do have to balance it by drinking a lot of water or I'll get an upset stomach, but it works - keeps the cramping at bay.

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