Shimano Accu-3D Gloves

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Shimano Accu-3D Gloves

Postby muggah » Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:23 pm

Shimano Accu-3D gloves

Best pic I could find :roll:

Where bought and price
$30 onsale from Goldcross - rrp $40 but Cell have them onsale for $24.95 atm.

How it is used
Used on all rides over 25k in length, I got them this summer so haven't used them in cooler weather yet.

Silver, light mesh with a lightly padded kevlar type material on the palm. Fleece nose wipe on the thumbs.

+ Nice and light - great for hot conditions
+ The velcro used (not sure whether there's a name for it) doesn't catch on knicks etc
+ Minimal design - looks pro :P

- Light padding - wouldn't be ideal for those needing thickly padded gloves

Additional notes
I'm not a huge fan of wearing gloves, but my bars get slippery pretty quickly on hot days and when the road heads upwards (not to mention they do a great job of protecting your hands!); so I don't have much choice but to wear them - with this in mind the shimano's have been great, they're light and minimal in design which has suited me perfectly. Even though the material is light it doesn't tear to shreds in a crash - mine are a bit grzed but still useable after a decent slide along the tarmac. They are relatively light on in the padding department which for me hasn't been a problem - I've worn them on 100k+ rides without any discomfort, but if you have issues with hand soreness you may want to look elsewhere. I saw a similar glove made by Giro in Bicycling Aus mag - they were described as "gloves for cyclists who don't like wearing gloves" I reckon these suit the same description.

If your looking for a light, minimal glove for summer give these a look!


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image Not the cheapest but well worth the $$$
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