Minoura Dura-Cage AB100

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Minoura Dura-Cage AB100

Postby a_b » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:24 pm

Name of product
Minoura Dura-Cage AB100 4.5mm White. (Road Bike version)

Where bought and price
Bought from The Freedom Machine down in Brighton, Melbourne for $14.95 AUD

How it is used
Used every time I go for a ride. It is used to hold 750ml and 550ml water bottles.



Minoura's longest and best-selling cage, finely crafted from exclusive #2017 Super Duralumin.

Available in two sizes - 4.5mm or 5.5mm

4.5mm cages (36 grams) are the perfect choice for weight-conscious road riders, while MTB riders prefer the 5.5mm cages (52 grams).

Includes two mounting screws.

The Dura-Cage is available in a multitude of colours: silver, black, yellow, white, red and blue.

Uses a 4mm Allen key for the screws.

- range of colours
- made in japan
- 2 year warranty
- easy to pull out water bottle
- comes with alloy screws

- even though 36grams is relatively lightweight, competitive cyclists would probably want a carbon fiber based cage weighing around 24grams.

Additional notes
The reason why I bought this bottle cage was that my previous holder had thick rubber grips on each side of the cage, making it hard to pull out while grabbing a drink at excessive speeds, almost to the point where I started to wobble trying to grab a drink.

Definitely worth the buy for only $15
So far it seems good, had it for around 1 month and there has been no troubles.


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image
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