Camelbak Podium bottle

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Camelbak Podium bottle

Postby madrapper » Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:45 pm

Camelbak Podium bottle
Where bought and price
Various bike shops around Perth as well as Mountain Designs. Prices range from $15 - $22.

How it is used
Daily whilst commuting & also used for crit racing and general riding.

Like a regular bottle - with an improved lid / sucker. I've been testing the 700ml version but it also comes in a 600ml version.

+ Doesn't leak at all
+ Wide opening (for ice & cleaning)
+ No plastic taste

- Quite stiff plastic - not as supple as my older bottles. Little bit harder to squeeze.
- Cost - I'd be annoyed if I lost or wrecked one of these.

Additional notes
My older more typical style water bottles were being pinched by my wife & then I was getting yelled at when they leaked in her handbag. Enter the Camelbak podium bottle. It was time to to replace my old bottles anyway.
These bottles have been standing up to daily use & freezing and I put em in the dishwasher with no hassles.

Despite cost - I'll be buying more of these. They perform well & appear to be a quality item. No more handbag disasters either.


Quality ImageImageImageImageImage Top notch. And I'd expect nothing else from Camelbak

Performance ImageImageImage Very good. I'd rather it was a little easier to squeeze though.

Value for money ImageImage Very $$$ for a water bottle.

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