Specialized Tricross Comp 2009 cyclocross

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Specialized Tricross Comp 2009 cyclocross

Postby Boognoss » Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:35 pm

Name of product

Specialized Tricross Comp 2009 cyclocross


Specialized Tricross Comp website with full specs

Where bought and price

The Hills Avantiplus
8 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154
02 9634 1788

$3000 paid when I bought the bike in Dec 2008.

(RRP was $3499 at time of purchase but may be more with the price rises earlier this year)

How it is used

Primary use - commuting. 170-270km per week (Castle Hill to St Leonards) on a "good" week
Secondary use - weekend fitness riding if the weather is wet/otherwise dodgy.

I have had approximately 2000km of mechanically trouble-free riding so far.


Cyclocross frame (eg additional 'cross brake levers on the flats of the drop bars, frame shape and brake cable on top of top tube for shouldering)
Size L with equivalent top tube length of 56cm and tall seat tube length of 56cm
Alu/CF frame - carbon seat stay, seat post and fork.
The seat post and seat stays both have a Zertz insert which is a Specialized-specific vibration absorbing feature.
Cantilever brakes for mud clearing when ridden offroad.
105-spec STI levers and FD
Ultegra SL RD
FSA Gossamer 48/34 compact crank


+ Full rack mounts front and rear
+ Cyclocross brake levers on the flats of the bars are good for commuting in heavy traffic (upright position for better visibility)
+ Colour-scheme looks good
+ Roval high-flange wheels look good and are true after 2000km
+ Very stable geometry
+ Wide drop bars good for manoeuvrability
+ LBS for selling the 2009 model to me for the 2008 price.
+ Good gearing for hill climbing with cargo and top speed (48/34 compact CX crank and 12-27 105 10-speed cassette)
+ Comfortable for rides over 100km
+ Stopping power excellent with cantilever brakes from unladen to 20kg cargo plus 85kg rider.


- The length of the drops is very short. 30mm longer would be good.
- Colour-scheme is dark, so not the safest for visibility
- RRP of $3499+ is a bit steep for 105-spec bike (with Ultegra SL RD) but it's a "lot" of frame
- Occasional low speed front brake shudder in certain situations (particular in damp/wet weather). Not as bad as some reviews I've read with larger frames (and therefore fork).

Additional notes

I had the LBS remove the original Specialized Borough CX Pro 700Cx32mm tyres and fit Specialized Roubaix 700Cx23/25mm tyres for commuting. I have used these for over 6000km on my road-race Avanti Corsa with minimal punctures. I kept the CX tyres as I want to try some offroad riding and events this year.

The OEM pedals are plastic with toe-cage and straps. I fitted my used Shimano PD-R540 pedals from my Corsa and upgraded that bike to Ultegra SPD-SL pedals.

Other than tyres, pedals and commuting gear I haven't needed to change any of the drivetrain, etc.

Commuting equipment:
Topeak Super Tourist DX Rack
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag
Deuter Rack Pack panniers
Air Zound horn
Ayup headlights (and helmet mount for non-daylight saving commuting)
Basta Superflash rear light on rack light attachment
Cannondale Hindsite Ultra rear light on trunk bag


Definitely buy this bike if you want a solid (bomb-proof) and reliable commuter.


Quality Image

Performance Image

Value for money Image
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