Specialized 2D/ S-Works Helmet

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Specialized 2D/ S-Works Helmet

Postby tcurtbike » Mon May 04, 2009 5:42 am

Specialized 2D/ S-Works Helmet

Where was it purchased and for how much
RRP: $275
I bought mine online for $165 posted EDIT: I've recieved a couple of PMs about this, I bought it off a forum, in a one of sale.

It’s my only helmet, so it’s used for training, racing and commuting.

Released in 2008, the 2D is the latest “pro-level” helmet from Specialized. They reckon it’s the lightest in the world; mine weighs 206g (Size Small). On my first ride I was pretty stoked at how light it was so I did a quick comparison with a banana, the banana was heavier.

The “Pro Fit 360” retention system comprises of a plastic ring that surrounds your head. This is adjusted by a two simple press clips at the back. It fit my head well and wasn’t uncomfortable, as the padding in the helmet is excellent.
The straps are made of a really smooth fabric, which is very comfortable, and are attached to the helmet at the sides. This is different to most other helmet straps which go through the top of the helmet and touch the sides of your face. While doing some research myself before buying the 2D, I found some people didn’t like the placement of the straps, but it actually didn’t bother me.
The straps are easy to adjust and won’t move as the adjusters have little locks on them.
The ventilation is top notch, with lots of big vents and also the “Megamouth Port” at the front, which cools your forehead/brow quite well.
The 2D also comes with the standard clip on visor.

+ Very Light
+ Comfortable
+ Good Padding
+ Good Ventilation
+ Looks Good (At least to me)

- A bit pricey, but most high-end helmets are
- The strap placement may bother some people

Additional notes
Helmets are relative, what suits/fits one rider may not necessarily suit/fit another. When looking for your next helmet, go and try as many as you can, then come back and read reviews. Fit is the most important thing when choosing a helmet.

I would recommend this helmet to everyone, just make sure the straps are not annoying to you (and that it doesn't make you look like Toad :mrgreen:)


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