Pro Lite Gavia Carbon/Alloy 50mm Clincher Wheelset (Campy)

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Pro Lite Gavia Carbon/Alloy 50mm Clincher Wheelset (Campy)

Postby EricAdams » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:50 pm

Please look up from internet, got a ton of it :mrgreen:

Where bought and price:

Ribble from UK -> AUD$720 + $35 express shipping (This is Boxing day price with extra 20% discount)

Price in AU:$1399 (NO LONGER AVAILIABLE) as Pro-Lite OZ do not import Alloy one anymore, they just try to make you think carbon braking surface is the same :evil:

How it is used:
Everyday use as I am a poser :mrgreen: (Just joking)

Alloy braking surface
Front 50mm/Rear 50mm
Weight - Front 1002g, Rear 1170g (V)
Built around our unique, patent "Bolzano" hub set
With Brunico Carbon /Titanium Rod quick release
Available for Campagnolo or Shimano and fully inter-changeable
Super high modulus impact-resistant rim moulding
20 Spoke Front, 24 Spoke Rear
Pro-Lite 3.2 mm stainless aero spoke
Intergrated nipple
Delivery with - 2 single wheel bags / spare spokes/ brake pads for carbon rim and tools
Shimano or SRAM 10s ONLY
Campy 9/10/11s


1. 50mm Poser Look
2. Carbon rim absorb the road shock a bit compared to my old wheel
3. Great Hub, rolls smooth like a dream, as good as some cremic bearing hubs from Mavic
4. Aero spoke
5. Stiff, very stiff
6. Maintain speed easily
7. With tons of spare spokes
8. Additional PAD, wheel bags
9. Carbon/Titanium skewer
10. After first 100km ride still true
11. 11s Campy ready -> Very great, my old Mavic do not accept 11s


1. ROCK Heavy, but heavy means larger momentum = maintain top speed easily
2. Hub is noisy in freewheel not good in racing
3. Spokes is not in standard shape, yea you cannot rebuild it with DT spokes or others Pro-Lite Spoke only
4. The wheel is made by 航翊 EQUINOX but setup in Pro-lite factory -> those sticker on the wheel has showed its real identity :mrgreen:

Additional notes
The heavy factor that everybody is trying to use to attack this wheel do not stand at all in my opinion. You pay what you get, for $800 you got a 50mm Campy 11s ready carbon wheel that rolls good, what else can you complain? Compared to some big brand wheels, the rear wheels from this set not really that heavy, it is the 1kg front wheel that is the main heavy factor, you can either find some old carbon wheel from ebay, or like me, I use my old Mavic 52mm Carbon SL front wheel as its rear wheel do not allow 11s. Then most of the problem will be solved. You can save almost $500 to $700 by buying this wheel compared to some big brands which is good enough for you to spend back in you bike for other parts that can save back some weight.

This wheel is very well constructed, for $800 it is a steal, save the warranty crap as the same price in AU you can almost get two set of these wheel already.
It is highly recommanded for Ironman bike setup, the extra weight brings extra momentum which is great for long distance ride that required to maintain at high speed.
Pro-Lite Bracciano at $599 from AU dealer maybe a better choice for normal ride, it is not as stiff but much lighter what you lost is just the 50mm look but you gain the AU warranty. (<-see I do support AU dealer, so please stop attacking me for buying overseas :mrgreen: )
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