Vittoria Unique Road Cycling Shoes

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Vittoria Unique Road Cycling Shoes

Postby cavebear2 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:55 pm

Vittoria Unique cycling shoes

Where bought and price
Ride n' Style (Perth-Cottesloe) Cost: $390 ($550 RRP)

How it is used
Time trials, club rides, on long rides

All velcro straps (no ratchet clasps) Super thin CF sole

+ Extremely comfortable, I can't feel them when they are adjusted properly!
+ Very light (200 gm for size 42, 296 gms per shoe with Time cafe cleats)
+ Great fit for wide feet. (I am a EE width fitting)
+ Seem quite stiff.
+ Cool! very well ventilated
+ Great looking shoe

image here - I have the previous model which is a creamy white rather than a bright white.

- No replaceable heal. The minimalist heal contributes towards the low weight.
- No small bolts provided, these will be required for some cleats and were needed for my Time cafe cleats.

Additional notes
Only 4 mm of thread can protrude through the cleat, so bolts need to be ground down, or buy special bolts.

Buy if you have the cash and if you are in search of a wide fitting shoe without going up a size.


Quality Image
Performance Image
Value for money Image

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