Ribble 7005 road frame

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Ribble 7005 road frame

Postby Jean » Fri May 21, 2010 11:44 am

Ribble 7005 (horizontal) road frame


Where bought and price
Ribble Cycles. I think I paid a bit more, but today (May 2010) Ribble is selling it for <AU$140, to which you can add a fork and shipping. I got the frame, ITM fork, basic Deda stem and bunch of small bits out here in early '09 for GBP251.

How it is used
Daily riding and training – crit racing is planned for next summer.

A basic 7005 series welded aluminium frame, with:
- 1-1/8” integrated headset
- 2 x water bottle mounts in the usual road bike spots
- Braze on downtube cable adjusters
- Replaceable rear derailleur hanger
- I think it came with the seat post clamp; I do not clearly remember
- No braze on mount for front derailleur, you'll need a clamp
- Takes a 27.2mm seat post

Mine is mated to an ‘ITM basic’ carbon road fork with aluminium steerer. I’ve seen this fork with stacks of different brands on it, so it’s just a generic rebranded carbon fork, probably made in Taiwan. Ribble usually has a range of forks that can be matched to the frame, depending on your whim and budget.


+ Solidly made, neat welds
+ Durable
+ Comfortable ride
+ Not up with current carbon frames of course, but stiff enough around the bottom end for aluminium
+ Arrives prepared by Ribble - it came all faced and chased
+ Buy it with a fork and Ribble gives you a headset (or at least they did when I bought it)


- Limited colour choice. Sometimes they have black I think, but usually it’s Ribble blue or Ribble blue
- Not the lightest aluminium frame by any means
- Close inspection shows fairly thin paint coverage. The paint scratches quite easily if you knock something against it, but seems fairly resistant to road chips

Additional notes
There’s no use pretending this is a flash frame, because it’s not. It is, however, an excellent racing orientated work horse. If you want a training bike, durable hack, want to muck about with your first custom build, need a stop gap frame, or are simply on a tight budget, the value for money of this frame is hard to beat. There is nothing here that will stir the soul, but this a good bike for putting in lots of miles. It is solidly made, tough and comfortable.

I bought mine as a stopgap when my old Cannnondale 2.8 frame died and like many stop gaps I suppose it’s doing longer service than originally anticipated. But that service is sterling. Comfortable, stable and reasonably responsive I could do a lot worse and it has kept me on the road and enjoying my cycling. Until my stop gap can be replaced it is doing the job.

The frame is, fundamentally, a racing frame and while you will not have the lightest bike in the pack, you will not be embarrassed either.

Ribble do a range of variations on this basic frame and you can get versions with sloping top tubes, a winter/audax version that takes mudguards (which Toolonglegs uses and seems to be happy with), and somewhat tarted up/lightened versions with carbon stays and what have you. Who knows where they are all made. Ribble seems to have a frame relationship with Deda, but I would have doubts that this frame was made in Italy.

My setup:


If you want a no frills durable road frame, this is excellent value for money and I’d recommend it. When I was looking for a frame I could not find anything comparable in Australia, which is something to bear in mind.


Quality Image Within reason given the price point.

Performance Image It’s no rapier, but what it does, it does well.

Value for money Image Hell yes

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