Nitelight 900 Lumen

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Nitelight 900 Lumen

Postby durx » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:39 pm

Name of product
Nitelights 900 Lumen

Where bought and price
eBay $170 delivered $220 retail

How it is used
This light is used for daily commuting on the bicycle tracks and roads of Perth

Output: 900 Lumens
Burn Time: 3.5 to 4 Hours,12 Hours at Low Modes
Charging Time:3.5-4 Hours Low Power Warning
Dust/Rain Proof
Helmet and Bar Mount Included

+ Awesome bright light, totally adjustable and good runtime and charging times. Easy to move from one bike to another and also comes with a great helmet mount.

- Mounting for battery can sometimes feel a bit unsafe, other riders can complain its to bright

Additional notes
I have a full review and buying thoughts etc on my blog, there is also an extensive section on how I feel I got ripped off with this product here

I would certainly buy this model of light, its great. However as always I would source from overseas and save money.


Quality 4/5

Performance 4/5

Value for money 0/5 based on what I know now. Although if these weren't available for a fraction of the price overseas I would score it 4/5

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