Diadora Aerospeed Road Shoe '09

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Diadora Aerospeed Road Shoe '09

Postby familyguy » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:11 pm

Diadora Aerospeed Road Shoe ‘09

Where bought and price
T7 - regular price $99.99; sale price as low as $69.99

How it is used
For commuting with Look delta pedals when I switched my carbon roadie to Keo's


T7 website wrote:
Diadora continues to take pride in the quality and excellence of our products. The athletes of Diadora are the champions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The company does not boast a fabricated history, but a story of authenticity. Diadora is a tale of a family business that started in Italy, grew in Italy, and is still proud to be manufactured in Italy. The Diadora Aerospeed Road shoe is a strong yet comfortable shoe that fits well and will last you many seasons.

· Fitting- precise fitting with larger toe box
· Closure- 3 Velcro strap closure
· Sole - Nylon reinforced with fibreglass
· Upper- Synthetic fabric upper with D-Skin technology
· Insole- Removable insole with ergonomic support in EVA on the heel area
· Shoe weight: 640 grams per pair


+ good fit across the middle-top of the foot
+ good stiffness for a nylon-soled shoe
+ plenty of material in the (non-replaceable) sacrificial wear mouldings at toe and heel
+ setup markings on the sole makes it easy to compare left to right for position before tightening cleats
+ they dont even feel 640g (although I haven't weighed them)
+ the white looks pimpin'

- the velcro strap at the toe and the stiffness of the 'D-Skin' upper (even after three or four uses) means those with more ‘normal’ or narrow feet may not get them tight enough across the top of the toes - you may slip about a little as a result

Additional notes
I bought a pair of 45's based on my Exustar shoes. These have a wider toe box than both the Exustar and Shimano shoes I wear. The overall sizing is close to Exustar, and one less than the Shimano 46's I wear. The fit feels very similar for all three aside from toe width.

Maybe the upper will soften over time to get a tighter toe fitment. Maybe they'll always be that tiny bit too wide for a close fit. Time will tell.

Will fit SPD and 3-bolt cleats (Look and clones, SPD-SL).

A good entry-level shoe to suit those slightly wider feet. Shoes at this level are probably much the same across the board in terms of quality and features, aside from suitability for different feet types.


Quality Image (I can rarely fault any Diadora stuff)

Performance Image

Value for money Image
If on sale, I believe these are great value for money. Even if they're not on sale, they're still good value for money.


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